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Aluminum Tool Case

Transporting goods securely, space-saving storage or appealing customer presentations: there are many situations in the everyday course of business where a good case is in demand.  aluminum frame tool case are extremely rugged and also highly functional. They are often made to measure, adapted to meet individual requirements down to the details. While aluminum tool cases are commonly used in field service, they also have applications within a business – often in a stackable version – in order to organise and securely store samples and goods.

Aluminum is a great material for a toolbox since it's durable and easy to carry. An aluminum toolbox works as hard as the owner does. It braves the wind, rain and even the harsh sun. Aluminum has a thin, durable layer of aluminum oxide that prevents corrosion.

HQC aluminum case is your specialist for the fabrication of aluminum tool case in many different variations. The company has been offering a broad selection of cases for 6 years, ranging from presentation cases to transport cases to sample cases. Custom, made-to-measure production is the focus, allowing us to produce aluminum tool cases tailored to the needs and requirements of the user.

We accept customed tool case.

Whenever you need, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Aluminium Tool Case

    In the lid of this aluminum tool case, there are two pallets. One is glued in the lid, it could keep the tools in the lid. And there are too many different sizes elastic bands to hold the tools. So, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers ... Could be put into the case in order.For another pallets, if you need it , you could put it into the aluminum tool case, if you do not need, you could remove it. The dividers in the bottom of case are removeable. So you could change the size of compartments...

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