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When customer carry gun/pistol or rifle, a right case could help you to solve too much questions.
This is Futaba Aluminum Carrying Case. Luxurious Case with foam lined with recesses so that the transmitter fits exactly and is fully protected. Additional cutt out space for receivers, servos and ot…

Aluminum poker cases

Feb 8, 2023
Aluminum poker cases will offer great protection to your poker chip set. These aluminum cases are all high quality and available in different chip capacities.

Aluminum storage Box

Jan 31, 2023
Aluminum storage Box hardened Aluminium corner pieces on the lid ensure that when boxes are piled one on top of the other, they stack snuggly.
Compared with the toolbox and briefcase, the flight case is larger, heavier and more solid.
The gun case can also be made of aluminum frame +MDF panel+accessories.

Aluminum tool case

Jul 25, 2022
According to the angle of aluminum case, it can be divided into right angle case and round edge case.
Different materials of aluminum cases
As businessman has higher requirement on suitcases, aluminum briefcase becomes their better choice, due to its durability, hardness,fashion style and safety.
There are few gifts better or more classic than a bottle of wine…except, well, several bottles of wine. But, how to pack wine, we recommend some different styles packing
We could control ourselves, but, sometime, there are too different accident which we could not control. In this time, if we have some first aid medicine products with us, it will help too much, could…
Our tool case is designed for solving this problem.The case size is 18.23*8.27*14.57 inches.The weight is 8.82 pounds.
With the 2022 Spring NBA games in full swing, aluminum graded card storage cases are becoming more hot selling.
This case ensure that you protect and organize your record collection. HQC provides a full line of Vinyl Record Storage Boxes designed to be secure and stylish.
There are 4 standard sizes of this aluminum box.According to requirements on different durability, you can choose to use different thickness. Most frequently used thickness is 0.8mm,1mm and 1.5mm. …
As new year is coming, a stylish aluminum case becomes the new trend.
Until end of 2021, HQC has 10-year experience in manufacturing aluminum tool cases.
HQC is a comany with 10 year experience in producing aluminum cases.This time we will introduce a universal aluminum case for you,which can be used for tattoo tool box.
The telescopic handle can be locked in three different positions to adjust it to your height. Due to the two smooth wheels, the trolley is easy to move and maneuver. The trolley comes with a laptop c…