How to add your logo in China

How to add your logo

HQC aluminum case provides many different ways to add your logo. Colors and sizes of your logo could be chosen all by yourself. We just recommend some usual ways how to add your logo into the aluminum case.

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  • Laser Logo
  • Heat printing/Heat transfer printing
    For this printing, it could print on Cloth, Nylon, PU, Leather, Plastic materials. The features:* The cost is low* The more colors is more better* Accurate as you needBut, they could not print on aluminum panel, or could not print on asperous panel.
  • Stamping The Aluminum Panel

    For this style of adding logo, we must make the mould of your logo firstly. Then stamping the aluminum panel, the plate will have the logo which you need. Then we could rivet the plate into the panel of aluminum case.

    If you need more than 1000 pcs cases every year, the cost of this style of logo is reasonable for you. If your quantity is too less, we suggest you choose silk-screened printing.

  • Nameplate

    This style of logo is most expensive, we must engrave the logo firstly. So, it increases the cost of logo. It does not fit small quality too.

    Whenever you need aluminum case or need customed logo, please feel free to contact us. Our experienced designer will help you to solve your problems to meet your requirements.

  • Silk-Screened Printing

    There are about 3 styles of silk-screened printing:1) We could print your logo on the surface of aluminum case directly.2) We could print your logo on the surface of aluminum plate firstly, then rivet it into the surface of the aluminum case. 3) We could print your logo on the surface of flat aluminum panel firstly. Then stamping the aluminum panel, then the aluminum panel will have the pattern ( We have the moulds of diamond pattern and stripe line, so, if you need these two styles of ...

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