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Custom Case

Our custom cases are designed for durable, lightweight, and stylish transport. Custom solutions can be engineered for every need — from a light-duty presentation case to a rugged metal shipping case intended for industrial and government applications. We have built our reputation on delivering innovative, well engineered solutions to our customers.

Custom Case with Metal Corners

Mode NO.:HQC-c014
Dimension:260*260*200 MM

Aluminum Case for Test Tube

Mode NO.:HQC-c 005
Dimension:310*165*52 MM

Custom Case with Custom Cut-Foam

Mode NO.:HQC-c 006
Dimension:320*220*100 MM

Custom Tool Box with Should Strap

Mode NO.:HQC-c 008
Dimension:405*215*245 MM

Custom Aluminum Tool Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 010
Dimension:370*160*470 MM

Custom Blue Gun Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 012B
Dimension:300*220*120 MM

Custom Gun Case/ Pistol Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 012R
Dimension:300*220*120 MM

Aluminum Display Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 013
Dimension:450*280*150 MM

Custom Case HQC-c 015

Mode NO.:HQC-c 015
Dimension:200*200*400 MM

Custom Equipment Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 016
Dimension:520*320*180 MM

Cheap Aluminum Wine Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 017
Dimension:390*310*110 MM

Aluminum DigiNip Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 018
Dimension:440*190*90 MM

Aluminum Black Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 019
Dimension:300*255*90 MM

Aluminum Case for Equipment

Mode NO.:HQC-c 021
Dimension:300*245*145 MM

Aluminum Table Tennis Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 022
Dimension:300*220*52 MM

Custom Case for Ping-pong Play

Mode NO.:HQC-c001
Dimension:300*220*52 MM

HQC Aluminum Cases offer a high-tech appearance at a competitive or lower price than molded plastic cases. An aluminum case offers a perfect, cost-effective solution when a plastic case just won’t do. Custom foam interiors can add the finishing touch, transforming your traditional aluminum cases into OEM Equipment and Instrument Cases. The possibilities are endless — Custom interiors can be designed to your exact requirements and exteriors offer silk screen-print branding opportunities for company logos or other corporate identification for maximum impact. In addition, options such as color choice, a range of hardware, and packaging options are available. Custom case can be produced in quantities of 100+ cases with no tooling charges.

Aluminum cases` Additional options

Cutom  foam insertsPouches
Divider systemsCustom labeling
PocketsCarrying straps

Our experienced engineers can guide you through the custom design process to build a custom case that exceeds your expectations and meets your every requirement.