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Aluminum Carrying Case

Aluminum carrying cases are used in medical technology, electrical engineering, the window industry and numerous other applications. They combine secure transportation with protected storage and appealing presentation possibilities. In order to achieve a harmonious overall impression, the sample case needs to be precisely tailored to the respective product or samples.

The aluminum carry case is constructed of durable aluminum alloy (clear silver anodized finish). This aluminum carrying case provides perfect protection for all your tools when traveling. It comes equipped with a triple digit combination lock, and fixed hinge. Traveling is sometimes necessary and so is your carry case.

A great Aluminum Carry Case for tools, video cameras, photography equipment or anything else that needs to be organized and protected. When it comes to the security of your carry case and all of the devices that are traveling with you, you simply can’t underestimate the value of aluminum carry cases. This specialized carrying case includes custom-cut gray polyurethane foam cushion for the laser pointer goggles and battery.

Standard Aluminum Carrying Cases

Mode NO.:ST-ac 001 to ST-ac 003
Dimension:320*240*160 MM

Custom Carrying Case

Mode NO.:HQC-ac 002
Dimension:260*210*135 MM

Carrying Case with Double Door

Mode NO.:HQC-ac 019
Dimension:360*150*420 MM

Aluminum Carry Case

Mode NO.:HQC-ac001
Dimension:210*210*300 MM

Aluminum Carrying Case for Dental

Mode NO.:HQC-ac004
Dimension:350*220*210 MM

Black Aluminum Carrying Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 016
Dimension:440*330*145 MM

Carrying Case with Customized Foam

Mode NO.:HQC-c 017
Dimension:402*226*110 MM

HQC offers aluminum carrying case for a wide variety of industries and numerous versions of many other products. The width, length and height of the cases are freely definable, allowing them to be matched precisely to the respective contents. The interior configuration too can be adapted accordingly, presenting goods to their best advantage while providing excellent protection against external influences during transportation. Available in numerous colour variations, the look of HQC aluminum equipment cases can be matched to the respective products or your company’s corporate design. Your aluminum equipment case can also be printed with your company logo or an advertising slogan for that very personal touch.

HQC produces aluminum carrying case and aluminum case for the success of your product presentations. Next to functionality and an appealing design, convincing features include robustness and durability thanks to high-quality processing and the use of select materials. If you are looking for an aluminum equipment case for presentations, transportation and storage, HQC is your partner of choice.

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