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Aluminum Case

Aluminum cases command attention. Their sleek but authoritative appearance and lightweight yet durable construction make them the perfect solution for presentation cases, sales kits, promotional cases, carrying cases, and shipping cases. They are also an ideal option for OEM applications when you need to build your equipment and instrumentation directly into a case.


HQC aluminum case offers a wide range of aluminum cases to satisfy every requirement — from light-duty to heavy-duty, smooth and shiny to rugged and diamond plate, stock or custom to customized stock, the possibilities are endless: Our Standard Aluminum cases are available in a wide-range of stock sizes and are economically priced for use as briefcases or corporate training kits with customized interiors. Our custom-made aluminum cases provide a wealth of promotional opportunities — they can be fabricated in many different sizes and colors and silk-screened with company logos. And rugged Aluminum Cases will protect your products during transport in extreme road conditions.

Aluminum Display Case

Mode NO.:HQC-a 022
Dimension: OEM

Molded aluminum attache case

Mode NO.:MK001-1 – MK001-6
Dimension: 13-18 inch

Standard Aluminum Cases

Mode NO.:From ST-a 001 to ST-a 007
Dimension: Please check list

Aluminum Case with Outside Trolley

Mode NO.:HQC-a 029
Dimension: 510*420*170 MM

Standard Aluminum Tool Case

Mode NO.:ST-a 012 to ST-a 015
Dimension: Please check list

Standard Aluminum Box

Mode NO.:ST-ab 001 to ST-ab 002
Dimension: Please check list

Custom foam interiors can add value and a finishing touch to any of these aluminum cases. Depending on the fabrication process, cases can be produced in quantities as low as 50 cases! Our experienced designers can guide you through the process of selecting the best Aluminum Case to meet your needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Aluminum cases: low weight and high durability

Custom cases by HQC are the result of close cooperation with our customers. The use of select materials and the high quality standards in production make every aluminum case an eye-catcher as well as a durable product that lasts many years.

Using aluminum in professional case fabrication offers key advantages. The low net weight is of particular importance when it comes to larger aluminum cases or cost advantages for the transportation of goods. Aluminum is also durable, resilient and in demand thanks to its modern appearance. HQC aluminum cases with foam inserts meet the highest requirements and are suitable for a wide variety of applications in many different fields. You too can benefit from the uncompromising quality reflected in the appearance and functionality of our products.