Interior of Aluminum Case in China

Interior of Aluminum Case

We accept any style of custom interior ,to help customers to find the better choice. We recommend some usual interior of aluminum cases.

For the foam, we usually use soft foam and hard foam.
Soft foam includes: 20KGS, 25KGS, 50KGS.
Hard foam includes: EPE foam, PE20, PE15(EVA).
To show them better, we have some video to show. Hope they could help you to choose better foam for you.

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  • Custom foam with EVA surface
    Custom foam with 2 MM EVA as surfaceFor this router foam, bottom part is red one, the surface is 2 MM EVA.It could protect the surface better, and it is nice too.
  • Custom router foam
    This custom foam is for customer to put tools. If you need, just need to send drawing to us, then we could do it for you.
  • Router foam
    For this custom foam, we do them by router foam way. If you need custom foam and need an integral whole foam, we could use this router foam way to do the foam for you.
  • EVA foam lining
    There are EVA as lining too
  • EVA Foam Inserts
    There are tool pallets and dividers too. For these styles of inner lining, please check aluminum tool case.
  • Polyurethane Foam Sponge

    Available in Solid, Diced foam and wave foam. For example:

    1) For this aluminum case, the wave foam in the lid. There are cutted-foam in the bottom to protect the products. ( These foam are all soft foam) .

    2) For this aluminum case, there is wave foam in the lid and the diced foam in the bottom. For diced foam, it is better for customer to design the cutted-foam by theirselves. Of course, if some customer need aluminum case with foam, but they can not confirm what they will...

  • Nylon inner lining
    There are different cloth-lining too. For this style of inner lining, please check aluminum briefcases.
  • PE Foam(Polyethylene)
    We call this style of foam hard foam or high density foam too. It is harder than soft foam. If your product is heavy or you do not want the products to move in the aluminum case, PE Foam is your better choice.
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