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Aluminum Carrying Case

2020-08-06 15:51:51

HQC aluminum case manufacturer offers a wide range of aluminum carrying cases to satisfy every requirement, From durable, lightweight portable design,  custom it in any size with reliable price. Aluminum Carrying Case is a great way to store and transfer tools. The aluminum construction is hardy and can withstand the harsh elements of daily use, keeping items safe. With a customized design, compact for simple storage, easily handled finish and strong capacity.

According to different sizes, different application and requests, there are lots of materials and hardware can be chosen. First, we have different colors of the aluminum frames,such as red, white, black, we can make many styles of carrying cases for our customers. Second, For the panel, we have MDF and plywood, Also, the panel can be painted to a range of colors at the client’s request, like blue, red, or any other colors. Third, For hardware: hinges, locks, handles, wheels and shoulder straps etc. Like hinges can keep the case open, it’s more safety and convenience when you’re using. Like locks, we have Ordinary locks, zinc alloy locks and combination locks.  Last, Custom foam interiors can add safe with a hard foam (EVA), durable and PE or soft foam, Depending on different shapes of your items, we’ll custom different shapes foam to provide safety protection.

If you do not know what’s the exactly aluminum carrying case you need, please do not worry, Our engineers can help guide you through the design process to build a custom aluminum case that meets all your specific requirements, Then we’ll make a sample to you and sample is free. For us, every custom case is unique and we’ll provide customization solutions. So please contact us if any ideas of aluminum cases. 

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