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Aluminum Table Tennis Racket case

2019-05-20 15:43:11

Good Racket and ball could help you to do better in playing Ping Pong games/Matches. So, you should protect them well. You should protect Racket/Paddle and ball from dirt, sunlight, fire, damages from dropping and similar impact. Besides, try to avoid often to touch Rack/Paddle. 
Aluminum Table Tennis Racket case could do all these points better. Outside dimension of this case is 300*228*52MM.

In the bottom of Aluminum Ping Pong case, there is high density foam which is cut by the shape of Racket. In the lid of this aluminum case, there is wave foam/Egg foam. They could fit Racket well. When you transport, the Table Tennis bat will not move. If the case drop from table, the inner foam could protect racket well too. From pictures, you should find that there are two fingers cut parts near the handle of Racket, it could protect surface of racket. When we take it out from aluminum case, do not need to touch the panel of Table Tennis bat.  There are 3 cut parts of ball, it is enough quantity for usual play/game.

Of course, you should find that there are different profile, color, panel and other parts of case. Yes, HQC C&B is a factory/manufacturer, we could do customized aluminum table tennis racket case for you.

For silver profile, it is easy to do. We could do 100 pieces cases one time.

For other color of profile, the MOQ will be more than silver color.

If you need a customized aluminum case, please contact us directly, our designer will find better way to solve it for you.

If you want to win the game/match, why not protect your Racket and ball firstly. If want to protect them, aluminum racket case is better choice:

* The profile is aluminum style, it is strong enough

* The aluminum material is light too

* Inner high density foam could protect them better and is not expensive

* The aluminum frame case is easy to change dimension and parts, it will not increase too much cost. There is not too much expensive molds.

Welcome to use our aluminum table tennis racket case. HQC C&B is a manufacturer, so, we do not do retail, sorry about it .But, our MOQ is really very reasonable. We check every case for customer and could delivery on time. Give us a chance, you could get more profit and get much more trust from your customers.

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