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Custom Built Flight Cases for guitar pedal board

2021-09-08 14:56:23

The HQC Aluminum Case Co., Ltd provides different types and sizes flight case. Due to the inherent properties and advantages of aluminum cases, they are very popular in the market. Check out the following details for more information.

Our flight cases can be manufactured from a wide range of materials. However, the panels are commonly plywood (often laminated with other finishes), plastic, or even metal (particularly aluminum). The components similarly can be manufactured from varying materials. Flight cases are a form of protective case. However, unlike the mold plastic cases or fabricated aluminium containers, flight cases are (typically) made to order. This means you can specify from a range of options, but most importantly specify the exact size that you require.

Our custom guitar pedal border flight cases are with Pro Grade Shock Absorbing EVA foam Interior, the Plywood Fabricated with Aluminum Valance, Pedal Board Surface 24 x 11 Inches internal surface measurements, 3M Dual Lock Fastener for Pedal Installation and heavy-duty gator signature hardware. See the picture as follows.

As a custom aluminum case factory with more than 12 years of experience, we have some Key advantages of custom flight cases,  Designed and custom-built to your exact requirements, Everything from large road trunks through to briefcase-style options, Wide range of fixtures and fittings available, Options to add wheels, castors, etc. for easy to change,  options including colored panels and printing, Foam inserts designed in conjunction with the flight case for optimum fit, Dedicated in-house design team to drive or assist projects, Just in Time delivery system for ongoing requirements and Tried and tested solution, at a low cost.

There are many different types of flight cases available on our website, like tool case, gun case, briefcase, so please take a look:  https://www.hqc-aluminumcase.com/