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Utility Heavy Flight Case

2021-05-27 13:31:52

HQC Flight Cases have been around for over 12 years and are exclusive to the flight case warehouse. All aluminum flight cases can be designed and customized on request. And we have built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality hard-wearing cases, these superb protective hard cases offer safe transportation for fragile or expensive equipment and are the choice of professionals all over the world. We’d like to share more details of custom heavy flight case as follows.

The Flight case is often also called the AMP case,because it is often used for the transportation of amplifiers like combos, heads, amps as well as mixing consoles, audio equipment, and heavy transport goods. our flight Cases have been the most popular flight cases for musicians for decades. Over 500,000 flight cases are now touring Europe, protecting valuable equipment from wind, weather, fall, shocks and all unfortunate accidents musicians have each day. For optimum road capability, they provide a robust 7mm outer shell combined with high quality foam padding and the most stable metal fittings available for flight cases worldwide.

Also, we’d like to recommend utility flight case for heavier equipment and demanding transport as below:
1.9mm birch plywood
2. Stronger aluminum extrusions with rivets
3.Foam padding
4.Large ball corners staggered for 35mm aluminium extrusions
5. Hole large L-corner brackets
6.Extrusions for secure positioning and fit of the lid, male/female 9mm
7.Large spring-loaded butterfly closures
8.Large folding handles
9.Strips to prevent slipping, made from 18mm birch plywood and painted black and Wheels.

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