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What is a Road Case?

2024-03-19 14:26:18

What is a Road Case?


Chapter One- What is a Road Case?

A road case is a robustly constructed, highly functional protective container with varying wall thicknesses designed to endure the rigors of shipping and handling. Typically used for cargo plane or commercial transport, road cases are engineered to withstand demanding conditions.

Constructed from furniture-grade black laminated plywood, road cases feature recessed steel handles, aluminum edges, and steel ball-covered corners. They offer a range of interior options tailored to accommodate specific contents.

Road cases are engineered to safeguard their contents from falls, collisions, temperature fluctuations, shock, vibrations, dirt, dust, and moisture. In addition to providing protection, they secure instruments and devices with inserts made from sturdy materials such as various foams and rubber.

Chapter Two – Types of Road Cases

Ramp Road Cases: These unique cases feature built-in ramps that fold out for easy loading of devices on casters. Ramp designs vary, with some featuring flat heavy wood pieces, while others have separate tracks stored under the case.

Workstation Road Cases: Functioning as traveling tool cabinets, workstation road cases have a flat surface and an upright back for tool placement. They offer accessories like worktables, shelving, and electrical outlets, often custom-built to meet specific requirements.

Trunk Road Cases: These general-purpose cases come in various sizes, featuring recessed latches, steel corners, wood-backed laminate, and spring-loaded latches. Inserts are tailored to fit the shape of the transported items.

A4A Road Cases: Certified by Airlines for America (A4A), these cases meet stringent standards, ensuring durability and protection. They undergo rigorous testing, including drop, water spray, and vibration tests.

Rack Mount Road Cases: Designed for shipping and storing equipment from fixed racks, these cases allow operation without removing the equipment. They come in various materials like laminated plywood, rotomolding, and injection molding.

Workbox Road Cases: These work cabinets feature multiple drawers for safe component storage, ideal for disaster relief or mobile hospitals. Casters facilitate mobility, and a padded door secures the drawers during transport.

Chapter Three – How Road Cases are Made

Road cases are manufactured using fabrication, rotational molding, or injection molding processes. Rivets, heavy-duty staples, and aluminum extrusions enhance stability and performance.

Chapter Four – Road Case Accessories

Accessories like casters, retractable handles, and foam inserts enhance functionality and protection. Foam inserts come in various types, including polyurethane ester foam, polyethylene foam, and velour foam, tailored to specific equipment needs.

Chapter Five – How to Choose a Road Case

Considerations when selecting a road case include size, durability, certifications, and accessories. Accurate measurements and adherence to industry standards ensure the ideal fit and protection for transported items.

In conclusion, road cases are indispensable for transporting sensitive equipment, offering unparalleled protection and customization options to suit diverse needs. Their sturdy construction and range of features make them essential tools for various industries.

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