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Aluminum DJI Mavic 2 case/Aluminum Phantom case protect/carry UAV well

2019-06-18 15:40:19

      As we know, all the UAV equipment are very expensive. If not protect them well, it is easy to damage, and they are not easy to repair for most of people. So, we should find a good solution to solve this questions to carry them when we travel.
      HQC Aluminum Case Co. Ltd make different custom cases to meet customers` requirements. For this aluminum DJI Mavic 2 case, all the cut parts in the bottom are done to fit Mavic 2 parts. When we carrying or travel UAV, inner foam could protect all the equipment well, they will not move or damage. For more different inner lining, please check our interior of aluminum case.



      The dimension of this Mavic 2 caese is 330*285*135 MM.
      All the dimension of aluminum case could change sizes to fit inner equipment well, it is easy, do not need to make new molds. Of course, if you need new cut foam, it need to do mold, but, it is very cheaper than plastic cases.

      If you need any case to protect your UAV, please feel free to contact HQC Aluminum case. We have too many style cases to solve your questions. HQC Aluminum case welcome you at any time.