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Aluminum case instruction

2022-09-13 11:06:01

                     Operation manual of aluminum



Characteristics of aluminum case                                    

The surface of the case is made of metal aluminum sheet or flame-retardant ABS material and aluminum frame, and the inner part is made of shockproof material, which can effectively protect the product from damage.


All our products have reliable and beautiful corners, and can be installed with rubber wheels or universal wheels to meet the needs of different occasions. And can be customized according to the specifications required by customers, with a variety of colors for customers to choose.



Manufacturing process description of aluminum case             

Each specification of case has two materials, alloy aluminum plate and special plastic plate, and a variety of designs for users to choose; The lining material of the case can be equipped with different fabrics, different designs and colors, and various high-quality foams according to user requirements; According to the actual needs of users, the hard foam lined in the case can also be processed and customized into various shapes to inlay the equipment and its accessories.


Product features: high strength, impact resistance of all kinds of cases and bags up to 100kgThe moisture-proof performance is superior, and there is no abnormality in the contents of the case after 48 hours in an environment with humidity above 90%. Buffering is good. After the goods in the case are transported for a long time (30 days) in various ways and on various roads, the equipment in the case is normal and free from damage. It has strong carrying capacity.

How to maintain the aluminum case                              

1. The surface is slightly oxidized. You can wipe it carefully with flour and toothpaste.

2. The place where the aluminum case is placed should be ventilated. The oxide on the surface of the aluminum case will gradually fall off as the number of times of use increases. Regular maintenance is required.

3. After the aluminum case is used, it should be dried with a dry cloth and stored in a dry place.

4. When applying oil to the glossy surface, do not apply it directly. Put the oil on the cloth and wipe the surface evenly.

5. Aluminum metal has strong oxidation and is easy to absorb impurities, so attention should be paid to antifouling.

6. The matte surface should be wiped with a dry cloth.

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