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Large Toobox Kit

Mode No.: HQC-at 011
Interior: 530*340*180 MM
Exterior: 540*350*190 MM

For this custom tool case&box, the features:
1. In the bottom of case, there are two parts. One part has diced foam, we could call it pick-up foam too. Because the whole piece of foam is made of small parts of foam, when we need, we could pick them up. Another part has dividers, all of them are removable. We could change the volume of compartments by ourselves.
2.The wave foam in the lid is removable too. There is a tool panel in the lid too. We could insert the tools into the panel.
3.There is shoulder strap on the outside of case.

If our customers need other dimensions, we could change them for them. Please do not worry about it.

Interior Description:
* a tool panel+removable wave foam
* removable dividers +diced foam in the bottom

Exterior Description:
* Big width of aluminum frame
* Two clip locks
* One tone chrome handle with Comfort Grip
* Reinforced black ABS corners
* Removable shoulder strap
* 5 MM MDF panel glued ABS panel