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HQC high quality Tool Case for tool kits

2022-04-15 13:38:01

For someone who needs to do maintenance work frequently, complete tool kits are essential,it also works for a family.But for so many tool kits,storage is a problem. Our tool case is designed for solving this problem.The case size is 18.23*8.27*14.57 inches.The weight is 8.82 pounds.

This case is made of heavy duty black ABS material, circumferential aluminium frame with d-shape rings for the shoulder strap (included).There are two flip-locks for fixation of the cover and 3 digit lock for safe storage.Inside will attach an instruction about how to set the password. Strong and ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to carry the case and make sure to carry heavy tool kits.Metal hinges is another guarantee of durability.There are 2 compartments inside. First compartment is lid holder with hinge-joint mechanism, which can adjust the height and tightness, together with document compartment in the cover.Removable tool board in the lid with nine push-in compartments and an elastic loop on the lid side makes the space more flexible and high capacity; Second compartment comes with ten slim and one large push in compartments on the bottom side, height of base tray is 55 mm, can be subdivided by inserts; cover plate with 12 large push-in compartments and a Flat compartment, can be fixed by Press button. Load capacity of this case is 15 kg.

This is one of our tool cases for tool kits. It is high capacity, especially for professional people’s work. We also have simplified tool case that can hold fewer but frequently household tool kits.Anyway, our tool cases can be customized according to customers’ requirements.If you have interest in our products, warmly welcome your inquiry.