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Flight Case for Musician

Mode No.: HQC-af 009
Dimension: Max Interior 60 x 50 x 30cm

A working musician who's made an investment in a quality guitar amplifier needs to protect it without blowing the budget.
Our new flight cases are built to last and available to fit many popular amplifier sizes.
Each case is lined with 3/8 inch heavy duty rubberized foam material and includes 5 panels of additional 1.5 of standard soft case foam to customize your fit as needed.
* Sizes to fit most popular amps and speaker cabinets
* Recessed heavy duty handles and lockable latches
* High quality 3.5 locking casters
* Extra interior foam panels for custom fit are included
* Gunmetal grey exterior averages 10 degrees cooler than common black
Max Interior 60 x 50 x 30cm