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Flight Cases for Guitars

Mode No.: HQC-af 008

Traditionally, flight cases for guitars have been either grossly overbuilt and overweight, or cheap and flimsy.
Our solution is simple; build a case that has all the essential elements and leave out the fluff and crushed velvet.
The new HQC Aluminum/Case flight case combination meets the weight limit restriction of 50 pounds or less for all checked baggage on commercial airlines.
If your guitar fits into a gig bag (and who's doesn't) you can fly it in our case.
A unique feature of our new design allows you to travel with a wide variety of guitars as the interior is not a foam cutout for a particular body shape or style. To protect your valuable instrument, we've included adjustable interior foam blocks to reinforce the critical neck and headstock areas. The base of the case is lined with 1/4 inch of dense rubberized foam while the lid has softer egg crate type foam.
* Recessed heavy duty handles and lockable latches
* High quality low profile wheels
* Adjustable interior foam blocks for neck protection
* Gunmetal grey exterior averages 10 degrees cooler than common black.