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Handgun Case HQC-ag 010

Mode No.: HQC-ag 010
Dimension: OEM

This handgun case is design for cap gun. So, it use smallest profile to save cost. Surface is black ABS material. To let customer put handgun better, we cut the shape of gun. Then it could fit gun very well. Other part is same as usual style gun case.
If you have any special requirements, please tell us, we could design them for you too.
We are factory, so, could solve most questions directly. If you only order 50 or 100 cases, we could do them too.
HQC welcome you at any time.


From 2010 to 2018, we rented workshops for production in Changzhou  In 2019, we built our own factory in Chuzhou,
and set up an office in Changzhou.


Our products and accessories have passed different tests and get certificates such as ISO, ROHS, REACH, PFOA, PFOS.


Most of our workers have more than 6-year working experience in making cases, who can control and improve product quality.


We accept customization in color, logo, lining etc.

   ❖ Silver color is usual one
   ❖ Other color is more
       expensive than silver one
   ❖ Printing logo is usual style
   ❖ Others have different
   ❖ Different inner lining could
      meet different requirements



Cases of different styles are available. We provide more choices to meet various applications