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Plastic Caes for Tool Set

Mode No.: HQC- P 001
Dimension: OEM

For this plastic case, it is designed to put tool set.
In the lid, there are two pieces of tool panels. They could load too many tools. For the pockets, we could do to fit your tool better. In the panel, we all use 3-4 MM MDF panel, not use paperboard which is not strong. Between two panel, we add a soft foam, it could protect tool from touching.
To hold all lid better, we add two pieces of metal support in two sides of case.
First, it could hold lid better. When we put heavy tools into panel, it could support well tool
Second, when we open the case, the lid will not fall. We do not worry the lid could hurt our hands.
In the bottom, the customize foam could put all tool in order. It is better for us to find them, save too much time for us when we need one tool urgently.
On the surface of case, we could add nameplate for you too.
All our plastic case, we could do as this style. If you need, please feel free to contact us.