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First Aid Kits

Mode NO.:HQC-a 016
Dimension: 450*340*150 MM

Aluminum Utility Tool Box

Mode NO.:HQC-a 020
Dimension: 380*180*200 MM

Cheaper Aluminum Case

Mode NO.:HQC-a 017
Dimension:370*215*40+50 MM

Aluminum Utility Tool Case

Mode NO.:HQC-a002
Dimension: 405*295*210 MM

Custom Case with Metal Corners

Mode NO.:HQC-c014
Dimension:260*260*200 MM

Aluminum Case for Test Tube

Mode NO.:HQC-c 005
Dimension:310*165*52 MM

Custom Case with Custom Cut-Foam

Mode NO.:HQC-c 006
Dimension:320*220*100 MM

Custom Tool Box with Should Strap

Mode NO.:HQC-c 008
Dimension:405*215*245 MM

Custom Aluminum Tool Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 010
Dimension:370*160*470 MM

Custom Blue Gun Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 012B
Dimension:300*220*120 MM

Custom Gun Case/ Pistol Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 012R
Dimension:300*220*120 MM

Aluminum Display Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 013
Dimension:450*280*150 MM

Custom Case HQC-c 015

Mode NO.:HQC-c 015
Dimension:200*200*400 MM

Custom Equipment Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 016
Dimension:520*320*180 MM

Cheap Aluminum Wine Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 017
Dimension:390*310*110 MM

Aluminum DigiNip Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 018
Dimension:440*190*90 MM

Aluminum Black Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 019
Dimension:300*255*90 MM