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Aluminum Case for Equipment

Mode NO.:HQC-c 021
Dimension:300*245*145 MM

Aluminum Table Tennis Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 022
Dimension:300*220*52 MM

Custom Case for Ping-pong Play

Mode NO.:HQC-c001
Dimension:300*220*52 MM

Standard Aluminum Carrying Cases

Mode NO.:ST-ac 001 to ST-ac 003
Dimension:320*240*160 MM

Custom Carrying Case

Mode NO.:HQC-ac 002
Dimension:260*210*135 MM

Carrying Case with Double Door

Mode NO.:HQC-ac 019
Dimension:360*150*420 MM

Aluminum Carry Case

Mode NO.:HQC-ac001
Dimension:210*210*300 MM

Aluminum Carrying Case for Dental

Mode NO.:HQC-ac004
Dimension:350*220*210 MM

Black Aluminum Carrying Case

Mode NO.:HQC-c 016
Dimension:440*330*145 MM

Carrying Case with Customized Foam

Mode NO.:HQC-c 017
Dimension:402*226*110 MM

China Flight Case

Mode NO.:HQC-af 001
Dimension:600*400*300 MM

Aluminium Flight Case

Mode NO.:HQC-af 002
Dimension:600*400*360 MM

Aluminum Shipping Case

Mode NO.:HQC-af 003
Dimension:520*350*210 MM

Custom Road Case

Mode NO.:HQC-af 004
Dimension:680*480*430 MM